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Mega festival in the Eurohal Dinxperlo, The Netherlands

THE LENNEBROTHERS – the distinctive voice of ‘Ele’ (Michael Koch), the impressive piano playing of ‘Teddy’ (Stefan Koch) but also the majority of the self-written songs have formed the typical sound of this band in recent decades. Many of their songs have been covered by countless Rock ‘n’ Roll and Country bands from Europe and the dance steps of ‘My New Life’ and ‘High Class Lady’ are danced to by line dancers worldwide. They not only convince musically, but also know how to give a spectacular show on stage that one has to see before you believe it is possible. They are versatile and occupy a special place in the European Rock ‘n Roll scene. They make you move and produce a special sound that they call ‘Western Rockabilly’. Not to be confused with Country, but they use instruments that are not normally used in a Rockabilly band such as the banjo, dobre and mandolin. It is precisely because of this that the Lennebrothers have a Rockabilly sound that you would not normally expect. In addition to their own songs, you can also expect classics from Jerry Lee Lewis, Johny Cash, Hank Williams, Chuck Berry, Matchbox and Crazy Cavan ‘n’ the Rhythm, Rockers, among others.

Rob Orlemans & Half Past Midnight –in one word you can speak of ‘power Blues’ here. Orlemans is said to be one of the best blues guitarists. Characteristic are also his lived voice and captivating guitar work. He inspired fans around the world with enthusiasm and loyalty through explosive live performances and exceptional musicianship. The band is a frequent headliner at Blues festivals both at home and abroad. The face of the band is Rob Orlemans, an innovative and entertaining left-handed guitarist steeped in guitar knowledge with a dynamic and exciting guitar sound and their 2013 album Highway Of Love received fantastic reviews.

KRISSY MATTHEWS – is a British-Norwegian blues rock singer-songwriter and guitarist. He has several albums to his name. It has been said of him ‘that he plays like a man possessed’, ‘that he is one of the best British blues guitarists today’, that he is a gifted and creative guitarist’ and more. He has given more than 1000 concerts in the UK, China, Russia and Europe. Several major festivals and venues that attracted thousands of people are just a few of his highlights. In 2015, Krissy joined the iconic German outfit ‘Hamburg Blues Band’ as a permanent member where he still accompanies legendary artists nightly to this day. In March 2019 he and his trio took the stage at the well-known ‘Rockpalast Festival’ for the German TV company WDR. A tribute and dream for every musician. It is planned to be released as a live CD/DVD package via MIG Music in 2023. Krissy continues to tour endlessly with the Hamburg Blues band and his own Blues career.

ELECTRIC BLUES – a tribute to Cuby & the Blizzards and certainly no stranger to the Blues world here in the Netherlands. They play songs from Muskee in a way that is close to the original. They keep the soul of Cuby and the Blizzards alive and the connoisseurs certainly appreciate this. A standing ovation is certainly not strange to them and they can also call themselves one of the better blues bands here. They come from the west of our country and have been making waves for many years with a great tribute to Cuby & the Blizzards. Cuby & the Blizzards is the Dutch blues band from Grolloo in Drenthe. The original band was formed by Harry Muskee. Go ‘back in time’ with Electric Blues.

EAMONN MCCORMAC – Originally from Dublin, Eamonn McCormack plays pure Blues in which the emotion has been processed to perfection. He fits seamlessly into the ranks of, for example, Rory Callagher, Jan Akkerman, Johnny Winter, Nils Lofgren and Walter Trout. The music comes straight from his heart and you can hear it in the sound and the way he plays his instrument. On February 3, his new album titled Eamonn McCormack will be released worldwide. All his qualities coincide on this album. He will do a tribute to Rory Callagher at ‘Concert for Dreams’. Eamonn’s blues music is known for its strong and unpolished commentary on social problems, such as corruption in the arms industry and the possibility of humanity’s demise through war. In his song “Letter to my Son”, he advises his son to learn from mistakes and live a life of generosity and love.

THE 12 BAR BLUES BAND – or 12 BBB has been around for a long time in the blues scene. They are a welcome guest on both the large and small stages in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg. They mainly play their own work and draw inspiration from the Chicago Blues. They convert their energy into enthusiasm and an ultimate blues atmosphere as you would only expect in a bar in Chicago or New Orleans. They have made quite a name for themselves since their foundation and it is sometimes said that they were ‘the surprise on the Dutch blues front and that no longer surprises anyone.

FLEETWOOD BACK – an evening with this band guarantees a fascinating trip down Memory Lane. Of course there is attention for the greatest hits of Fleetwood Mac, but there are also lesser-known gems that they will perform. Their most appreciated album was titled ‘Rumours’. They sometimes give the songs their own twist and provide movement for the audience. A nice and wide repertoire and ‘all they want is to see your smile’. ‘Fleetwood Back’ will ensure that you go back in time and sometimes that’s all you want for a while.

THE NEIL SADLER BAND – Neil Sadler got his first guitar when he was eight years old and not much later he developed his passion for the music of Led Zeppelin and was drawn into the world of Rock, Blues and Rock ‘n Roll. He has recorded several albums with his band. In the 1980s, Neil moved from his band Sleeping Lions to projects with other self-tuned musicians who found them more creatively satisfying. He has certainly earned his spurs in the music world. His album ‘Testifi’ will be released in 2023. You can watch three songs from this album on YouTube and will be available on Spotify, Apple Music and ITunes, among others. If you want to see where The Neil Sadler Band play, you can check out the website

CCR REVIVALThe band name already indicates where they get their inspiration from, namely the American formation Creedence Clearwater Revival, which was extremely popular in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The solo material of John Fogerty is also used. CCR Revival knows how to convince many people of musical top quality with an energetic show. They are enthusiastic and driven, which has kept this Drents-Overijssel band on the road for almost 20 years and their popularity continues to grow. They are among the top in the live circuit of Dutch tribute bands and are a welcome guest at events, party tents, larger pubs and festivals. During the performances, this band puts on a tight performance. CCR Revival is a band with potential and a must for every CCR, John Fogerty and seventies music lover. Tight, energetic but above all a nice Rock & Roll live band.
STATUS QUOTES this band’s mission is to honor the music of Status Quo. The music they grew up with and admire. Whether you want to hear songs Quo never played, greatest hits or entire albums, Status Quotes delivers. They’re not just a tribute band, but take you on an incredible journey of 12-bar ‘boogie rock’.

YULIAN TAYLOR guitarist, singer, author, singer and composer and born in Buenos Aires Argentina. He was nominated for the best guitarist in the United States and the world by the prestigious Josie Music Awards. He released his latest album that is already number 1 in the charts in Spain. World class artists participated in the album. It is an album for lovers of Blues, Rock and good music. It mainly sounds on  the most prestigious radio stations in the United States, Canada, England, Australia and Europe. Highly acclaimed by critics from major Blues magazines  describing it as a ‘near-perfect musical gem’.

THE SIDEKICKS they make music inspired by various musical greats and diverse music genres including Blues, Pop, Soul, Rock and Jazz. They largely play their own work and are not easily pigeonholed. The typical Sidekick sound arises from various musical ingredients that the band members have picked up over the years and taken to their home bassi Meulnhörn in Groningen. There music, nature and friendship come together perfectly. At the end of 2012, the band, then still under the name Hans van Lier & de Sidekicks, released the highly successful CD Blues And More, which received good reviews. The band proves that you don’t always have to be in the United States for Blues. The performance of the band has not gone unnoticed and they made their appearance on much-listened to programs such as 3FM and NPO2, as well as performances on various stages in the Netherlands.
THE EAGLES LEGACY They were allowed to fly further in the new music competition The Tribute-Battle of the Bands on SBS 6 where several tribute bands compete against each other. They are getting a lot of praise with the rendition of the song ‘New Kid in Town’. Judge Spike from Direct  thought the guitar playing was super good Licks. Jury member Cesar Zuiderwijk (Golden Earring) also thought the performance was good, good, good. Band member Bas van de Weijer from Lelystad is busy with music from The Eagles, he says in the program and tries to give the songs a bit of extra authenticity every time. The band hopes people will close their eyes and hear The Eagles. Unlike the real Eagles, this band has little trouble with each other and will provide a great performance with many recognizable Eagle songs.
P.D MARTIN in 2019 PD Martin will travel the world together with Rien Gees and Joris Holderbeke as a straightforward Blues trio. They leave their familiar musical path and create an exploration where every song and every show blurs the line between fiery Blues and steaming Funk. There is talk of the primal rhythm and the almighty Soulbeat. In this project, Piet Vercauteren, after traveling around with various bands for a long time, finds his true musical base, where the studio beckons to record the story of the intensely exciting journey. Somewhere along the way, JB Biesman (Travellin’Blue Kings) is picked up as a producer. Soulbeat Incarnate is a diverse collection of eleven original songs. Raw blues, funky hooks and danceable grooves, everything is included in this. They grew into a funky Blues ‘n Soul quartet with compositions that go beyond 12 bars with very tight rhythms, witty lyrics and  a virtuoso keyboard and guitar playing.

THE VARGAS BLUES BAND Javier Vargas was born in Madrid and after nine years the family returned to Buenos Aires where he started playing the guitar. He played in clubs and worked on recording sessions in the 1970s. He impressed people like Alvin Lee, Roy Buchanan and Canned Heat who also influence his style. In the 1980s he returned to Spain where he played in a large band and orchestra, composed and contributed to several albums. In 1990 he put together the Vargas Blues Band and many of his albums feature big guests. The popular song ‘Blues Latino’ was recorded by Carlos Santana and released worldwide on his album ‘Santana Brothers’. Many performances and albums followed with guests who had earned their spurs in the music world.

TODD SHARPVILLE He is said to be the world’s first blue-blooded bluesman. He first rose to prominence with the 1994 debut blues album, Touch of your love. His album received critical acclaim and won ‘Best Album’ at the British Blues Connection Awards in 1994. He won the British Blues Connection’s ‘Best UK Guitarist’ award in 1995. He even beat fellow nominees Eric Clapton and Gary Moore according to Blueprint magazine and became a mainstay on the European Blues circuit as a solo artist. Sharpville can also be found on more than 35 compilation albums where he plays. A musician with a lot of experience and who plays music with the greats of the music world.



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